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Events and Management

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Complete control. That was the policy Yuzeful had for as long as they existed. While neither the wealthiest nor the largest, they were certainly one of the most ambitious. Totari Yuzeress was a man who made prosperous cities from the ground up in these barren lands that would later be known as Yuzeress.

Yet no matter how influential his country became Totari was never satisfied. He pushed onwards, taking neighboring lands as his own. Even till his deathbed he was not satisfied. Thus he procreated with his siblings and indoctrinated his children to the path of conquest. Take, take and take even more.

Yes, children, and from his siblings. He had been leading alone all his life since only incompetent bufoons surrounded him. However unlike the incompetent fools that tried to follow him, surely those of his blood would be like him, capable and ambitious. Thus were they to work together the world would certainly be theirs for the taking.

Thus the Yuzeress, descendant of Totari Yuzeress continued to conquer. Their land grew, their wealth grew, their military grew.

Their aggressive expansions made it possible, however, it was also their downfall. The nearby states and rebels made up of dissatisfied population worked together to create a great rebellion. Everything the Yuzeress worked for was then taken away from them.

Decades later, the man of partial Yuzeress blood, known as Rifer si Yuzeress was born. Unlike the rest of the Yuzeress who were all children born of relatives, this one was from a Yuzeress and a non-Yuzeress. He was ostracized by the rest, never taught the way of conquest.

Yet Rifer kept smiling. He smiled when others beat him to a pulp in the name of conquest. He smiled when his lunch was stolen in the name of conquest. He smiled though everything. Then came the day where the young among Yuzeress would all declare their dream in front of the rest.

Rifer smiled and said.

"Bonds. Different, yet together. Separate, yet hand-in-hand."

'He is uncorrupted unlike the rest of us.' though the previous generation of Yuzeress simultaneously. Thus most of their inheritances were given to him, and within a few years, the entire Yuzeress was under the command of Rifer.

The populations were, however, doubtful of the large changes in policies Yuzeful was having. Yet with a generation meant to lead now united under a man who believes in the power of bonds, surely the future was going to be interesting

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With the decision to swear fealty to a distant land of Carthage, the population loses faith in their ruler, that so abruptly changed their whole tradition and now is so eagerly trading away the autonomy and sovereignty of their country.

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