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It was a sad day when king Willihart has fallen in battle against the accursed Chucheonguk, but sorrow isn't a stranger to the Isveer and their history. Enslaved by the cruel Hobruck and subjected to the ceaseless raids of the Chucheonguk, they kept getting dealt a heavy hand throughout the ages until salvation came to them in the form of a man.

It came in the form of the first king, Isveer. When the Hobruck were busy warring with the Geocheonguk, he bided his time till they were exhausted before staging his uprising. He fought using his mind and body, his men taking city after city under his command until they finally forced the weakened Hobruck to a treaty acknowledging their freedom.

That didn't stop the Hobruck though, for once their numbers were replenished they broke the treaty and fought the king once more, but they kept getting repelled, if not by king Isveer, then by his descendants, until they realized that retaking those lands were a lost cause. At least until the Isveer weaken.

With the death of Willihart, it was now time for the kingdom of Isveer to receive its fifteenth king, Grimwald. Will he bring a new era upon the Isveer? Will it be an era of prosperity or will he lead them to the kingdom to its demise? The only thing that is known about the young man is that he will stand against all odds to fulfil both his obligations and his ambitions.

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