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Strategic PBF for inkstone authors and readers

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Since the times unknown, man has inhabited these lands of Angorea. Starting from the tribal cavemen, through tribes, first societies and settlements, the communities swiftly grow to encompass all of the fertile lands given to humanity by the life bringing sea.

As always, where there are humans, there will be war. With the rise of many empires that based their growth of the crops nourished with the blood of many warriors that fall under the onslaught of the imperial conquest, most of them already fallen to the ashes of history due to internal strife and divide of power, giving place for new powerhouses arising all over the place.

As humanity grew more and more tired of war, common people finally protested against their bestial rules, forcing them out and taking the rule for themselves... Only for the entire process to repeat over and over again!

With the start of the seventh medieval era, a new chapter in human history begins. Will the new rulers be capable enough to make their country survive the onslaught? Will they find a way to enrich their population and hold their sympathy, or will they met with the fate of their ashamed ancestors?


Everyone can write the history of one's country in the "events" topic in the open thread of your country. The rules are as following:
- You can write anything you want as long as it ONLY incorporates the history and events taking place in the land that you already own
- If you want to create history on a bigger scale, it needs admin's approval (no free claiming that western half of the world was once your slaves)
- The game starts after a holy even (comet) forced the people to finally unite back, as it's a common belief that Gods will designate their representatives to come down and rule those lands. Keep in mind that this is just a loose idea, so you can just incorporate it into your religion.
- There won't be any grand history behind any country, you are literally stepping out of the shadows cast by a worldwide uprising that took 20 years ago. You can have some SCRAPS of the history of previous era, but outside of the myths about great empires of the far past, this world is kinda carte blanche


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